Insights from Cryptocurrency Sentiment During Coronavirus Turmoil

The first quarter of 2020 was characterized by market turmoil caused by the coronavirus pandemic. How did cryptocurrency sentiment fare during those tumultuous months? Crypto Sentiment Crypto sentiment ratings have been recently released by trading platform eToro, using data from analytics firm TheTIE. Both short-term and long-term sentiment was measured in their report. Short-term sentiment, […]

What Happened to Mt. Gox? History of the Bitcoin Exchange Blow Up

Once the most important Bitcoin exchange, Tokyo-based Mt. Gox ultimately went into bankruptcy in 2014. Why did the exchange blow up? What Happened to Mt. Gox? Mt. Gox was launched 2010 and was, at one point, handling almost three quarters of all Bitcoin transactions. In February, 2014, it filed for bankruptcy after losing 850,000 Bitcoin […]

A Bright Side to the Dark Web

Source: Adobe/manuelhuss The dark web typically conjures up thoughts of criminal activity. While there are undoubtedly unsavory characters leveraging the darknet for illegal pursuits, there are also virtuous uses of the “hidden internet.” As reported, per data from blockchain analytics provider Chainalysis, over USD 600 million worth of bitcoin (BTC) moved on darknet markets in […]

BNB Holders to Enjoy New Utility as Binance Takes on Ethereum

The crypto exchange Binance is preparing to enter the smart contracts market by launching a new Ethereum-compatible blockchain. The move is set to increase the utility of Binance’s native token, BNB, which could see its price jump. Binance to Enable Smart Contracts Binance announced the introduction of Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It will run in […]’s ‘Best Quarter’, Parallel Binance Chain + More News

Peter Smith, CEO of Source: a video screenshot, Youtube/Bloomberg Crypto Briefs is your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related news – investigating the stories flying under the radar of today’s crypto news. Adoption news CEO at major crypto company, Peter Smith, said that the company saw 2.413 million new wallets created in […]

Billions in Crypto ‘Dry Powder’ On Exchanges Ahead of Bitcoin’s Next Move

Source: Adobe/micky2paris75 With the stablecoin market remaining at record-high levels for well over a month, more analysts are taking it as a sign that crypto traders have not given up on higher prices, but are simply waiting for an opportunity to enter bitcoin and other digital assets once again. As reported, many crypto investors sought […]

Take ‘Golden’ Chance to Gain Ground on US, EU

Source: Adobe/Maksym Kapliuk The South Korean government has called on the nation’s private sector to seize a “golden” opportunity to take the lead in the global blockchain market – and plans to fund a new spate of blockchain-related projects in its next budget. Per Fn News, Seoul’s Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance Koo Yun-cheol […]

A Loan Issued With Ethereum Domain Name as Collateral

Source: Adobe/Sergey Nivens NFT-backed loan provider Rocket LP DAO has signed off the first loan in history that for a collateral has only an Ethereum domain name. In a Medium post, director of operations at Ethereum Name Service (ENS), Brantly Millegan, says that he received the world’s first ENS-backed Non-fungible token (NFT) loan. To clarify, […]

Chinese IT Firms Deny Digital Currency Involvement as Shares Skyrocket

Source: Adobe/Blue Planet Studio Chinese tech companies have been hurridly issuing statements denying they are involved with digital currencies – as stocks in domestic IT firms continue to soar on exchanges in the Middle Kingdom. And it seems that even though some leading companies have been going to great pains to distance themselves from the […]

Former Bakkt CEO Appointed to Trump’s Task Force for Reopening the Economy

The former CEO of Intercontinental Exchange subsidiary Bakkt and a current Republican senator for Georgia, Kelly Loeffler, has been rewarded with a new appointment despite recent controversies. In a tweet published on April 16, Loeffler wrote: “Thank you, @realDonaldTrump for appointing me to your task force on re-opening America safely in the wake of #COVID19. With 22 million […]