Central Bank of Argentina Tests Blockchain-powered System + More News

Source: Adobe/Alexandr Vorobev Crypto Briefs is your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related news – investigating the stories flying under the radar of today’s crypto news. Adoption news The Central Bank of Argentina has started promoting a proof of concept based on blockchain. According to the emailed press release, this is a decentralized system […]

Over $900K in Bitcoin Went to Child Sexual Abuse Material Providers in 2019, Says Chainalysis

New York-based blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis has published its latest analysis of the use of cryptocurrencies to purchase child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on the darknet. In a report shared with Cointelegraph on April 22, Chainlaysis noted that it had traced just under $930,000 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) payments to addresses associated with CSAM providers […]

Ripple Sues YouTube

Brad Garlinghouse. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube/Bloomberg Technology Ripple, an American blockchain company focusing on payments technologies, has announced a lawsuit against the video sharing giant YouTube. “Today, we are taking legal action against YouTube to prompt an industry wide-behavior change and set the expectation of accountability,” the company announced on its website, adding that […]

What Is Bitcoin’s Stock-to-Flow? | Crypto Briefing

In an era ruled by infinite-supply currencies, the stock-to-flow model offers a refresher on the value and meaning of scarcity. The model also offers one framework for evaluating an asset in terms of sound money. Key Takeaways SF = Stock (Bitcoins already in circulation) / Flow (new Bitcoins entering circulation). The Bitcoin stock-to-flow (S2F) model […]

Libra Adapts White Paper to Appease US Regulators, Hopes for Changing Tides

Following an overhaul of Libra’s original white paper that was met with strong skepticism from United States policymakers, a member of the House Financial Services Committee — Democrat Rep. Sylvia Garcia from Texas — has come out and stated that the updated version of Facebook’s white paper does not contain any substantive changes and that […]

Japanese Analyst Says Traditional Investors Will Come Flocking to Crypto

Source: Adobe/beeboys A Japanese analyst says that institutional investors are growing increasingly crypto-keen – and believes that the coronavirus pandemic will only serve to heighten their interest. Per Fisco, via Gentosha, popular Japanese blockchain and crypto author and analyst Tetsuyuki Oishi says that pre-coronavirus investment figures from brokers dealing in crypto funds show interest in […]

Int’l Consortium Uses Blockchain to Conduct USD12m Wheat Trade Deal

Source: Adobe/Budimir Jevtic American agriculture giant Cargill says it has teamed up with Singaporean and Dutch companies to conduct a pioneering, cross-continental wheat trade transaction worth USD 12 million – from North America to Southeast Asia on a blockchain platform. The deal involved Singapore-based agriculture and food solutions provider Agrocorp, as well as blockchain platform […]

In a Year or Two, Courts Will Be Ones Making Crypto Laws

Source: Adobe/Andrey Popov The courts, not the lawmakers, will likely be the ones that’ll make “new sources of law” for the crypto industry within the next couple of years, according to Marco Santori, the recently appointed Chief Legal Officer (CLO) at major crypto exchange Kraken. Stating that cypto companies got “serious about their legal game” […]

Chinese EOS App Shuts Down; Project Walks off with $50 Million in User Funds

An EOS-based wallet application has allegedly blocked users from withdrawing their funds. Analysis now shows that the project has been moving funds through the network via Huobi dummy accounts. Key Takeaways EOS Ecology was a Chinese crypto wallet application that promised users high returns on their holdings. On Monday, it became clear that many users […]