Oil Dropped to Zero Before Bitcoin, but Did Regulators Notice?

Amid traditional financial chaos, Bitcoin is beginning to look more and more like a less volatile little brother. Key Takeaways Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on global financial markets. Prices for U.S. crude oil futures turned negative for the first time ever. Could Oil’s volatility help regulators see Bitcoin in a more favorable light? Share […]

Who in Crypto Might Come Out As Winners or Losers After the COVID-19 Crisis?

Source: Adobe/Ridvan The COVID-19 pandemic now has its grip firmly on the world. According to official numbers, almost 2.6 million individuals have been infected globally, and almost 180,000 have died. In addition to the impact on public health and the healthcare system, the global economy is starting to ground to a halt as a result […]

Crypto Exchange on WordPress, Gemini Passes Another Exam + More News

Source: Adobe/Aleksei Crypto Briefs is your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related news – investigating the stories flying under the radar of today’s crypto news. Exchanges news Alon Goren, the Founding partner at blockchain venture studio Draper Goren Holm, said today that he “officially launched the WordPress Cryptocurrency Exchange Plugin.” “Using Totle’s API, I […]

Art + Crypto Tale Takes New Twist as Artist Tokenizes His Output

#freetoexplore #swipelife, 2019. Exhibition view, Magasins Généraux, Pantin, France. Source: ben-elliot.com Artists are increasingly turning to crypto-powered solutions to fundraising – and a future whereby both artists and their output are tokenized may not be far off. In a glimpse of what might be ahead – and a brand-new development in blockchain-powered art – Paris-based […]

What Crypto Prediction Markets Can Tell Us About Coronavirus

Source: Adobe/famveldman Project building new market mechanisms atop Ethereum, Gnosis, funds a decentralized prediction markets platform that wants to uncover useful and factual information about the coronavirus, amidst the abundance of false and conflicting news. Coronavirus is a global challenge that caused major financial, economic, medical, and other issues, while each individual’s life has been […]

Bitcoin ‘Stuck in the System’ Until Merchant Adoption Grows

Source: Adobe/Angelov Although holders of both bitcoin (BTC) and gold are often motivated by an idea of investing in assets that are outside of the financial system, it might not be the case, according to a popular macro strategist who believes that that the next world reserve currency will be “a crypto.” Speaking with Anthony […]

Stablecoins Challenge Ethereum’s Claim To Become Money

Source: Adobe/Tobias Arhelger Though Etherem (ETH) has a “credible claim as money” within the Cryptosphere, stablecoins rise as its challengers, according to crypto market analysis firm Coin Metrics. That said, the growth of stablecoin is a good thing for Ethereum, at least for now. (Updated at 15:13 UTC: updates in bold.) As reported, the stablecoin […]

Chinese Blockchain-powered Trade Pilot Claims Int’l Success

Qingdao. Source: Adobe/qq47182080 Companies involved in the Chinese city of Qingdao’s blockchain-powered cross border financing platform pilot are claiming that they are enjoying great success – and have conducted blockchain-powered trades with partners based as far afield as North America and Southern Asia. Per the Qingdao Daily, via Sina, the pilot was launched on January […]

Bitcoin And Altcoins Positioning To Resume Uptrend

After a short term downside correction, bitcoin price found support above USD 6,750. Recently, BTC/USD consolidated in a range above USD 6,800 and it seems like the bulls are now preparing for an upward move towards the USD 7,050 and USD 7,200 resistance levels.Similarly, there are positive signs emerging for most major altcoins, including ethereum, […]

Central Bank Says CBDC Could Learn From Bitcoin, Rejects Decentralization

Source: Adobe/Comugnero Silvana The move from fiat currencies to new central bank digital currencies appears to be gaining traction, as one of Europe’s biggest central banks admitted that (unspecified) parts of Bitcoin’s underlying technology could be used in creating a new type of currency. The paper, which was written by the Dutch National Bank (DNB) […]