What Is EOS? An Introduction to the EOS Blockchain

The EOS blockchain is an Ethereum competitor that has developed its own identity. Key Takeaways EOS is a blockchain designed to compete with Ethereum. It offers free transactions, unique governance, and high transaction throughput. EOS popularized the delegated proof-of-stake governance model. Share this article EOS is a blockchain designed to compete with Ethereum. Like Ethereum, […]

Former Bakkt CEO Hands Documents to DoJ Amid Insider Trading Controversy

The former chief executive officer of both Bakkt and the New York Stock Exchange’s parent company Intercontinental, U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler, has handed over documentation concerning her trading activities to the U.S. Justice Department, or DoJ, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Senate Ethics Committee. Loeffler is seeking to quell widespread accusations of […]

How You Could Save Money When Reporting Crypto Taxes

Many crypto holders are reporting their crypto transactions for the first time as a result of the United States Internal Revenue Service’s question about “virtual currency” on the 2019 tax return form. It is a big question for some taxpayers — many have not reported their crypto gains in the past or may have done […]

Time for ETH to Rise and Shine as Futures Trading Now Available in US

Crypto exchange platform ErisX is bringing Ether (ETH) futures trading to the United States, becoming the second cryptocurrency derivatives product on offer in the country. The announcement came only a few days after the Chicago-based, TD Ameritrade-backed ErisX obtained a digital currency license from financial regulators in New York. Bitcoin (BTC) futures trading debuted back […]

Tokenization Getting Personal With New Opportunities and Old Dangers

Source: Adobe/vegefox.com Personal tokens are here. Yes, that’s right: you can now tokenize yourself, putting a token on a blockchain that assigns a value to your own personal reputation. Over the past few months, personal tokens have become more visible. While still remaining a fairly niche sector within crypto, some people are using personal tokens […]

Happy Halving, Indecisive 9K and 20 Crypto Jokes

And Satoshi said let there be halving, and the halving was good. Leading to it, BTC dropped, erasing its weekly gains, with altcoins bleeding too, then returning above 9,000 yet again. We looked into how BTC changed since the last halving in 2016, and CME Group revealed why this halving is different, while rain, government, […]

Understanding Ethereum’s Gas and Transaction Fees

Share this article Despite being dubbed the “lifeline of the Ethereum network,” gas is an obscure term outside of the Ethereum community. While it is often used to describe transaction fees on the network, really understanding gas requires diving a bit deeper into the mechanics of Ethereum. Gas and Smart Contracts ConsenSys defines gas as […]