Could Craig Wright Be Satoshi Nakamoto? Probably Not

Craig Wright has been the center of various controversies, but none more dramatic than his claims that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. In the following, Crypto Briefing walks through the entire history of the Australian entrepreneur. Key Takeaways Craig Wright shot to fame after several tech media outlets supposedly found proof that he could be Satoshi […]

Has the US SEC Closed the Global Window on New Tokens?

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s vigor in pursuing initial coin offerings, or ICOs, has become a major boogeyman within the crypto community.  Most recently, the case against Telegram ended with that company abandoning its planned open network and Gram tokens, which raised $1.7 billion. The question before the crypto community is now: Have […]

7 Main Post-Halving Bitcoin Narratives

Source: Adobe/Mariia The third Bitcoin (BTC) halving has finally happened, hashrate dropped less than estimated, fees skyrocketed, but, contrary to the doom mongers, the bitcoin price hasn’t fallen. What happens next? What will become the next talk of the town as the “priced in/not priced in” debate has now disappeared together with 50% of the […]

Sleepy Bridges, Reentered China, Reopened Probes and 20 Crypto Jokes

This week in crypto news: Bitcoin shortly neared USD 10K with altcoins gaining bullish momentum too, while BTC was still leaving exchanges rapidly, and Bitcoin-Ethereum bridge, tBTC, was put to sleep two days post-launch. As the threat of inflation looms, investors turn to gold, and maybe BTC, BitPay reported processing 10% more volume, BitMEX trading […]

Ethereum 1.0 Has ‘A Major Role’ To Play Before Merging With ETH 2.0

Source: Adobe/ happy_e Ethereum 2.0’s (ETH 2.0) first phase is approaching, but there’s still a major role for Ethereum 1.0 to play until the two versions’ best parts gradually merge, according to Jacek Sieka, the Head of Research at Nimbus, an infrastructure project of The Status Network. Nimbus is working on a solution for Ethereum’s […]