Cameron Winklevoss on Crypto Regulation: “Free-for-Alls Don’t Work”

Known for their regulation-friendly outlook within the crypto industry, Gemini exchange founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss hold a hybrid approach to privacy and government rules.  The twin brothers explained in a May 22 podcast interview with Peter McCormack that crypto adoption comes a need for some degree of regulation. Cameron added: “The independence and sovereignty […]

Financial Giants Fujitsu & Nomura to Launch Digital Asset Trading on Blockchain

Source: Adobe/Игорь Головнёв Japanese tech giant Fujitsu has signed a deal with major securities company Nomura that will see the duo co-launch an interoperable blockchain platform for trading “digital assets” such as securities. Per a report from Nikkei, Fujitsu is working on the project with Nomura’s Boostry blockchain affiliate, and the parties have already completed […]

Calibra Rebrands as Novi to Avoid Confusion With Libra

Facebook-owned digital wallet Calibra rebranded itself as Novi earlier today, sharing new details about the project. The primary reason for the name change was to avoid the confusion with the Libra cryptocurrency, a representative for Novi told Cointelegraph. “When we announced Libra and Calibra last June, we wanted to demonstrate that Calibra, the digital wallet, […]

Ruling Russian Party’s Blockchain Vote Attacked, Bitcoin 401k + More News

Source: Adobe/Tim Crypto Briefs is your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related news – investigating the stories flying under the radar of today’s crypto news. Blockchain news United Russia, Russia’s ruling political party, which has been using blockchain-powered voting for its primary elections, says it has suffered a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, reports news […]

Central Banks Could Partner with Private Sector on CBDCs

The Euro symbol in front of the European Central Bank. Source: Adobe/oscity The idea of central banks running the entire central bank digital currency (CBDCs) show is “out the door,” and is being replaced by the private-public partnership, according to Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli, Deputy Division Chief in the Monetary Capital Markets Department at the International Monetary […]

Facebook Replaces Calibra with Novi, Confirms Mandatory KYC

Source: a video screenshot, Novi Social media giant Facebook rebranded its Calibra subsidiary, responsible for the Libra project, saying that the first product Novi Financial will introduce is the Novi digital wallet designed for Libra digital currencies. “With Novi, sending money will be as easy as sending a message. You’ll be able to use Novi […]

Bitcoin Fees Drop But Still Remain Far From the Pre-Halving Level

Source: Adobe/terovesalainen After two weeks of soaring, Bitcoin (BTC) fees’ flight to new highs seems to be over, at least for now, descending more than 50%. Bitcoin fees started rising after the reduction of the miners’ reward on May 11, surprising even the industry insiders and reaching new, ‘ridiculous’ highs this year. However, they’ve been […]

Digital Yuan Has No Launch Date, Bank of China Stresses Amid Rumors of Looming Rollout

People’s Bank of China (PBoC) clarified that there is still “no timetable” on a formal digital yuan launch. In an interview published earlier today on the central bank’s website, PBoC Governor Yi Gang was asked about the CBDC’s official launch date, to which he replied: “These tests are just routine work for the research and […]

Theta Token Goes Parabolic as New Upgrade Nears

Source: Adobe/tomertu Theta token (THETA), the native token on the Theta distributed video streaming platform, has seen massive price gains in recent weeks, with investors anticipating a major network upgrade in the near future as the most likely driver of the rally. As of press time on Tuesday (11:21 UTC), THETA, ranked 28th by market […]

Crypto Researcher Warns Of a Growing Systemic Risk To Bitcoin

Source: Adobe/kurapy The growing custodial banking layer creates a systemic risk for Bitcoin (BTC), warned popular crypto researcher Hasu and offered two solutions. While some say that Bitcoin could be scaled by increasing its block size, allowing more transaction per block, this would worsen the assurances of the transactions, Hasu said in a recent post […]