South Korean Merchants ‘May Accept Digital Yuan from Chinese Tourists’

Source: Adobe/anekoho Countries with a large influx of Chinese tourists could be among the first outside the Middle Kingdom to accept the forthcoming digital yuan, claims a South Korean report – although it comes with warnings of “Big Brother’s” creeping influence over Chinese finance. Per South Korean news agency Yonhap, domestic merchants who cater mainly […]

MIT Research Says Online Voting Needs More Decentralization to Protect Ballots

The pandemic has forced many companies to move their operations online. It has also brought the question of online voting to the forefront of conversation in the United States, which is facing an election year.  According to a June 7 paper from researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Michigan, Democracy Live’s […]

South Korea Edges Closer to CBDC Rollout Without Any Comitment

The Gwangandaegyo or Diamond Bridge in Busan, South Korea. Source: Adobe/Tom The South Korean central bank has reaffirmed its digital currency plans – but continues to add disclaimers, refusing to commit to launching a digital version of its won fiat currency. Per newspaper Hankyoreh, the central Bank of Korea (BOK) has released a strategy document […]

Brave Apologizes, Crypto Scammers Get Smarter + More News

Source: Twitter, @brave Crypto Briefs is your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related news – investigating the stories flying under the radar of today’s crypto news. Privacy news Blockchain-based decentralized browser Brave (BAT) has issued an apology for the error made when adding affiliate codes to suggest alternative completions shown in the drop-down under […]

Bitcoin Wallet Provider Offers Access to Amazon, Spotify, and HBO

A new partnership between Uphold and TAP Network will allow Uphold users access to over 250,000 merchants around the world. Key Takeaways Uphold and TAP Network let users spend gold, Bitcoin, and fiat at top merchants. The partnership will allow users to seamlessly donate to noted charities too. Both projects have close ties with Brave […]

It Looks Like Some Stolen Bitfinex Coins Are Already Back at Bitfinex

Recently, some of the 120,000 Bitcoin (BTC) that was stolen from Bitfinex in 2016 started moving again. Here is what has been happening with this stash of coins valued at over $1 billion.  2016 Bitfinex hack summary. Source: Crystal. $1 billion in BTC waiting to be dumped Thus far, the hackers have moved less than 3,000 […]

Ethereum-Based Tether Better Distributed Than Other Stablecoins

Source: Adobe/dennizn Among the explored stablecoins, Tether (USDT)’s ERC20 version is “particularly well-distributed,” crypto market analysis firm Coin Metrics said, stressing that only a few accounts own a large majority of five other stablecoins’ supply. Since its creation six years ago, the dollar-pegged Tether expanded to other networks from the Omni protocol (itself built on […]

An Alleged Ponzi Scheme Makes up 40% of Paxos’ Stablecoin Activity

Alleged ponzi scheme dominates Paxos transactions. Key Takeaways Paxos is the third-largest stablecoin by market cap. 40% of all PAX transactions relate to a Ponzi scheme called MMM BSC. Ethereum-based USDT is the most broadly used stablecoin. Share this article Paxos, a stablecoin with a market cap around a quarter of a billion dollars, is […]

DeFi Capitalization Doubles In Two Months; Up To 1K New Users Per Day

Source: Adobe/DMac The total market capitalization for decentralized finance (DeFi) products, total value locked in DeFi, and staking-ready Ethereum (ETH) wallets – are all seeing their numbers grow. At the same, the number of new users coming to DeFi might be up to 1,000 a day. We’re “still very early in Ethereum’s adoption cycle,” according […]