500 Estonian Crypto Companies Lose Permits After $220B Scandal

Estonia, one of the European Union’s most crypto-friendly countries, is cracking down on hundreds of licensed crypto companies in response to a $220 billion money laundering scandal, according to Bloomberg.  Estonia was among the first EU countries to license crypto companies but has been forced to clamp down after hundreds of billions of dollars of […]

Blockchain-powered Cross-border Trade Pilot Claims Breakthrough

Source: Adobe/Kalyakan A Chinese pilot zone specializing in free trade and blockchain technology claims to be enjoying blockchain-powered cross-border trade success – while the central government is now getting serious about blockchain-powered cross-border trade, and will draw up a list of “key blockchain enterprises.” The Quingdao section of the Shandong Pilot Free Trade Zone says […]

Virtual Power Plants & Digital Identities

Visualization by Layer1. Source: layer1.com Bitcoin (BTC) is proving to be not only a monetary technology, as entrepreneurs find new applications in an increasing number of areas. This week, Brandon Arvanaghi, Layer1 Technologies Chief Security Officer (CSO), explained how Bitcoin is used to stabilize electrical grids that heavily rely on renewable energy sources, while Microsoft […]

SEC Launches Virtual Meetups for Fintech Industry Players

FinHub, a fintech arm of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will now host digital meetings for industry players amid COVID-19 lockdowns. “To facilitate ongoing communications, FinHub will host a series of thematically-based virtual P2P meet-ups over the next few months,” the commission said in a June 11 statement, adding: “During each series, FinHub […]

McAfee Shilled an Obvious PIVX Ripoff, but Investors Don’t Seem to Mind

Key Takeaways Ghost is a ripoff of the open-source privacy coin PIVX, according to PIVX developers Privacy-focused token Ghost has seen its value skyrocket since the beginning of the month Retail investors have been pouring a lot of money into the project, with prices doubling in less than two weeks Share this article The John […]

Deceased Quadriga Founder Committed Fraud

The Ontario Securities Commission, or OSC, claims that the crypto exchange Quadriga collapsed in 2018 because of fraud committed by its late founder, Gerald Cotten, who passed away on his honeymoon in India. The report released on June 11, revealed by CBC Canada, says Cotten opened several accounts under aliases and credited himself with “fictitious […]

Congress Weighs Digital Dollars for Aid After Stalled COVID-19 Stimulus Payments

On June 11, the Congressional Fintech Task Force held a hearing examining FedAccounts and a digital dollar as ways of expanding financial inclusion in the United States. Particularly in the aftermath of greatly delayed $1200 stimulus payments directly to U.S. citizens, the digital dollar has gotten much more attention. A number of bills appeared in […]

Japanese Judge Upholds Charges Against Mt Gox’s Mark Karpeles

A Japanese judge ruled in support of data tampering charges moved against Mark Karpeles — the CEO of now-defunct crypto exchange, Mt. Gox. At the end of March, Karpeles appealed his conviction on charges of having tampered with financial record data to harm his clients. Now, local news outlet Nikkei reported on June 11 that […]

Estonian Crypto Purge; BitPay Card; Three Arrows Hit Grayscale + More News

Source: Adobe/jirsak Crypto Briefs is your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related news – investigating the stories flying under the radar of today’s crypto news. Regulation news Estonian regulators worried that crypto-related firms are using their local credentials to help commit fraud elsewhere have stripped more than 500 — around a third of total […]

The US Ticket for Blockchain Superiority

Governments worldwide are reaping the benefits of blockchain integration within a number of fields. As Dubai deploys blockchain as part of its smart city initiative, citizens of Georgia interact with the technology to register and transfer land titles. It takes three minutes to register a title, and the blockchain framework behind it enables security, longevity […]