Blockchains Are an Excellent Solution for Privacy, Part 1

Several data violations, like the Cambridge Analytica scandal, have brought forth questions regarding how companies and governments should deal with the data entrusted to them, and they have also increased the search for the development of new technologies to preserve the privacy of companies and users. Consequently, countries and regulators have rushed to set new […]

Algorand Blockchain to Capitalize on Twitch’s Chess Boom

Key Takeaways World Chess data will be recorded to the Algorand network. Ratings will be immutable. The platform is open to players worldwide. Share this article As a result of the latest lockdowns, gamers around the world are streaming digital chess matches on platforms like Twitch. Now, Algorand is stepping in to keep players honest. […]

WisdomTree Tests SEC’s Bitcoin Acceptance Threshold With Latest ETF Filing

Many investment firms have launched crypto exchange-traded funds, but so far, none has found favor with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Firms keep trying, though, and this past week, two more tendered applications for crypto ETF-like products — if not pure-play Bitcoin ETFs have emerged.  WisdomTree, an asset manager and ETF specialist, filed […]

How Many Satoshis Are in a Bitcoin?

Key Takeaways The denomination received limited attention until Bitcoin’s price began rising and it became clear that it could be used to facilitate micropayments. A community-led effort to create a sign for the satoshi began last year, fueled by the belief that the sign could be to crypto what the “@” sign was to the […]

U.S. SEC Chair Clayton Nominated to Oversee Crypto Regulatory-Heavy NY

United States Attorney General William Barr announced that President Trump will most likely task Jay Clayton as the legal enforcer for a chunk of New York — a state that has historically held a heavy-handed regulatory stance on crypto.  Barr said in a June 19 statement from the Department of Justice, or DoJ: “I am […]

Ethereum Miners Vote to Make Themselves a bit Richer

Key Takeaways An increase in the gas limit could benefit DeFi users as gas prices will ease off. The cost of running a node will increase, causing fewer users to run full nodes. Changes to the gas limit are unilaterally decided by miners – the community has no say in the matter. Share this article […]

Why Banks Hold the Key to Wider BTC Adoption and Hyperbitcoinization

Source: Adobe/kuklos Banks will be instrumental in bringing about wider cryptocurrency adoption. Without their involvement, the general public will continue to view crypto as a less-than legitimate part of the world of finance. Admittedly, the vast majority of financial institutions still view bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies with suspicion. That said, some are slowly starting […]

High Jumps, (Self)Hacks, Heated Competitions and 20 Crypto Jokes

Source: cryptofunny/Instagram This week in the Cryptoverse, BTC mining difficulty made the highest jump in two years, the sender of USD 5.28 million Ethereum (ETH) transactions was revealed, and stablecoin volume became 5x ETH volume on Ethereum. Hackers stole a bitcoin with a “brute force” attack, while Bancor discovered a vulerability and hacked itself. The […]

Top Accounting Firm EY Launches Crypto Tax Prep Service

Key Takeaways Ernst & Young has announced the launch of an automated crypto tax service Traders can use EY CryptoPrep to assist them with filing taxes on their crypto trades EY’s service comes after increased pressure from the IRS to tax capital gains from crypto trading Share this article EY, one of the big four […]

Fake Gov’t Officials Blackmail People to Put Money in ‘Bitcoin Machine’

Source: Adobe/Ivan The local police department in a Canadian town is sounding the alarm over a bitcoin (BTC)-related scam that sees criminals impersonate government officials and call unsuspecting residents to tell them to deposit money into a “bitcoin machine.” The scam, first reported by local news outlet The Sherwood Park News, has so far duped […]