Ethereum Miners Spam the Blockchain With Small Transactions

Key Takeaways Ethereum mining pools are sending many small transactions, which has led the network to handle 1 million transactions in one day Those pools may be doing so in order to harvest mining rewards from the same transactions they send Today’s congestion is unrelated to past performance issues Share this article Ethereum miners are […]

‘Unstoppable’ Malware Uses Bitcoin To Retrieve Secret Messages

Source: Adobe/Petr Ciz Glupteba, a sneaky malware that can be controlled from afar includes a range of components to cover its tracks, and it updates itself using encrypted messages hidden in the Bitcoin blockchain, write cybersecurity experts from Sophos Labs. The Glupteba bot is a malware campaign that creates backdoors with full access to contaminated […]

Crowdfunding Investment Platform Republic Announces ICO

Key Takeaways Crowdfunding investment platform Republic will hold an ICO next month The Republic Note token sale will be capped at $8 million and available both to accredited and non-accredited investors The token will allow holders to share profits when startups on Republic get acquired or go public Share this article Republic, a tech startup […]

SEC Charges Lobbying Kingpin Jack Abramoff With Fraud For Promotion of 2018 ICO

On June 25, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission charged the issuer of AML Bitcoin — not to be confused with Bitcoin itself — with conducting a fraudulent offering. These charges follow up on a criminal filing in San Francisco from June 22.  AML Bitcoin’s story Per the complaints, Rowland Marcus Andrade and his […]

Regional CBDCs Can Fuel International Trade, but USD Seems Unbeatable

As central bank digital currencies continue to be researched and tested by countries across the globe, it becomes more apparent that the United States dollar’s reign might be challenged once the concept is implemented on a regional scale. While most retail CBDCs focus on internal economic matters, some projects aim to facilitate trade relations within […]

Telegram Users’ Data on Dark Web, Arrest for Buying Bitcoin + More News

Source: Adobe/Oleksii Crypto Briefs is your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related news – investigating the stories flying under the radar of today’s crypto news. Crime news A Russian website alleges that data on an undisclosed number of Russian and Iranian Telegram users is circulating on the dark web. Per, dark web sites […]

Former US Treasury Head Calls Payment ‘Friction’ the Best Argument for Crypto

In a June 25 interview with Circle’s Jeremy Allaire, former Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers talked about crypto’s ability to patch up the modern financial system, particularly calling out the great difficulty in processing global payments.  Moderation in all things? Describing himself as falling between “Bitcoin evangelists and high traditionalists,” Summers was cautious about aligning […]

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP Prepare to Enter Volatile Price Territory

Key Takeaways Bitcoin’s outlook is ambiguous as its price action remains contained within an ascending parallel channel Ethereum prepares for high levels of volatility as its Bollinger bands squeeze on its daily chart XRP broke below a critical support level, but it may be able to regain it Share this article Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP […]

USD 200m Hacker Group Targets American, Japanese Crypto Exchanges

Source: Adobe/Production Perig A security firm has warned that a group of hackers named CryptoCore has been raiding crypto exchanges – and may have amassed a USD 70 million crypto pot, leaving a USD 200 million trail of damage in its wake. Per a report from Clear Sky Security, CryptoCore is thought to comprise individuals […]