S.E.C. charges 5 for illegally promoting $2 billion Bitconnect Ponzi

Three years and some unforgettable memes later, the Securities and Exchange Commission has announced that 5 individuals will face charges relating to promoting the Bitconnect Ponzi scheme.  “The SEC’s complaint alleges that these promoters offered and sold the securities without registering the securities offering with the Commission, and without being registered as broker-dealers with the […]

SEC Charges Five Individuals Tied to BitConnect Scam

Key Takeaways The U.S. SEC has charged five individuals with connections to the crypto Ponzi scheme BitConnect. BitConnect was mainly active in 2017. It raised more than $2 billion during the year that it was operational. Regulators initially took action against BitConnect in 2018. Share this article The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has charged […]

TechCrunch Founder to Sell His Crypto-Bought Kyiv Flat – as an NFT

Source: AdobeStock / Julien Tromeur An apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, that once sold for crypto is set to go under the hammer once again – but this time it will be sold at a non-fungible token (NFT) auction. Per an announcement from the deal’s broker, the crypto- and blockchain-powered real estate sales platform Propy, the […]

Polygon Datasets Now Available on Google Cloud

Key Takeaways Polygon’s blockchain datasets can now be viewed through Google Cloud’s BigQuery tool. The integration will provide useful metrics for analysis like the most active and popular tokens, contracts, and apps on the network. The team said that the update will be critical for the network’s growth. Share this article Ethereum’s popular scaling network […]

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Set For Sharp Drop This Weekend

Bitcoin mining rigs. Source: Adobe/amixstudio Bitcoin (BTC) mining difficulty may be knocked out of its just recently gained all-time high this weekend, back to a March level. If this adjustment goes as currently (16:00 UTC) estimated by mining pool BTC.com, mining difficulty – which is the measure of how hard it is to compete for […]

Indian Bank HDFC Predicts “Legal Access” to Crypto

Key Takeaways HDFC’s chief economist feels that cryptocurrency regulation in India will be favorable to investors. The report reiterated the plans of a central bank digital currency launch. The RBI has recently been pulling strings on the country’s banks to stop servicing crypto businesses. Share this article Major Indian bank HDFC has published a report […]

DEX Aggregator OpenOcean Expands to Solana

Key Takeaways OpenOcean, a DEX aggregator that captures liquidity across DEXs and CEXs, has integrated Solana. The protocol will compete against other Solana-based DEX aggregators such as Frontier Finance. Solana’s DeFi ecosystem has grown at a rapid rate recently. It’s one of Ethereum’s strongest competitors. Share this article OpenOcean, an aggregation protocol for CeFi and […]

Atomic Monero & Bitcoin Swaps, Riksbank Testing E-krona + More News

Source: Adobe/alswart Get your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptoasset and blockchain-related news – investigating the stories flying under the radar of today’s crypto news.____ Trading news Atomic swaps between monero (XMR) and bitcoin (BTC) went live on mainnet. “With atomic swaps, online users trade cryptocurrencies without needing to trust each other or anyone else. Monero […]

Sweden moving forward in e-krona CBDC trials

Sweden has made a number of strides toward its own central bank digital currency, or CBDC, called the e-krona. The Sveriges Riksbank, the country’s central bank, now looks to experiment with the asset using a non-simulated party.  As reported by Reuters, Riksbank detailed on Friday via a statement: “The e-krona pilot is therefore moving on […]

Steve Jobs Statue In Budapest To Get A New Neighbor

Source: Adobe/Sakuramos A monument for Satoshi Nakamoto is set to emerge in Budapest, Hungary, as a part of a local initiative by Hungarian crypto community to raise awareness about the importance of Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain technology. The idea started with András Györfi, the editor of the Hungarian crypto website Kripto Akadémia. The project team […]