How to Choose Good Training in Bitcoin and Crypto Trading?

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Cryptocurrencies remove many frictions in the financial world, and their novelty is beginning to mature into practical, real-world uses.

Bitcoin and crypto have become serious for trading and investing for traders new to crypto to hedge funds and large financial institutions. If you want to be a successful trader, it’s time to learn how to trade in the crypto market.

Our guide can help you find the best training for Bitcoin and crypto trading out there and how to pick the right one for you.

Choosing the Best Training in Bitcoin and Crypto Trading

Opportunities in cryptocurrency trading are enormous today, and you can benefit from adapting to the steep learning curve.

Choosing a good Bitcoin and crypto trading course can help you learn all you need to know to get started with trading digital currencies.

A decent crypto trading course will go over some basics, such as crypto terminology or definitions and common tools of the trade for crypto trading. The training may be delivered in several different formats, typically online courseware, and often in PDF or E-book format.

Why Should You Take a Crypto Trading Course?

According to the cryptocurrency tracking website CoinGecko, the global crypto market cap is around $2 trillion. Trading volume for all cryptos is hovering around $140 billion.

Bitcoin currently dominates the crypto market by market capitalization. Still, the ecosystem is rapidly evolving to accommodate other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. Also, the vast world of decentralized finance (DeFi) is changing how we trade and earn income.

With hundreds of coins to trade and exchanges on which to trade them, crypto traders have a huge opportunity to take advantage of this new market.

Trading volume has been consistently high for cryptocurrencies, indicating a highly liquid trading environment beneficial to traders. The current 24-hour volume for all cryptocurrencies is near $147 billion. However, trading activity is down significantly from the highs ($556+ billion) even as interest in crypto trading increases.

No matter how you frame it, crypto isn’t going away, and it’s only getting bigger. Along with that come more and greater opportunities for traders and investors in crypto.

Bitcoin and Crypto Training and Strategies for Beginners

Cryptocurrency courses cover a wide range of skill levels. They may include everything from historical context and theory to chart patterns and trading strategies.

Most of the courses on the top of Google Search target beginners with little to no trading or investing experience.

You can also find courses for specific trading strategies and concepts, such as creating trading signals or understanding specific charting software (e.g., TradingView).

The main topics covered by basic crypto and Bitcoin training courses include:

  1. How to use cryptocurrencies — You’ll learn the basics about how crypto works. This information would also include crypto terms and definitions, details about storage (crypto wallets), security, and how to produce cryptocurrencies.
  2. The trading cryptocurrency basics — Using technical analysis, drawing tools, indicators, and other charting software to maximize your crypto and Bitcoin trading experience.
  3. Reading crypto market sentiment — Learn how to gauge overall market sentiment or crowd directional bias around specific projects and the associated crypto tokens. 

Learning crypto market sentiment is similar to “trading the news,” mixed with fundamental analysis. You may delve into DeFi strategies that can earn passive income and earn you a greater stake in bleeding-edge disruptive technology.

There is no definitive guide or resource for learning how to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but taking an introductory course will help you learn the ropes.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Trading Instructor

When looking for a crypto trading course, always look for the most reputable learning source to get the best quality trading education. Sometimes the best online instruction for trading comes from a recognized institution like a university.

The courses available through higher institutions specifically related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading and investing are limited. Still, it is a good place to establish fundamental comprehension of the industry and underlying technology.

You will often get the best information from an established and successful crypto trader or investor who has developed a unique strategy.

These reputable traders and investors often have an academic background or a degree from a prestigious university, but not always. Sometimes they are people like you and me, with no background in business or finance, who learned “the hard way” through grit and experience.

Always check the track record of an instructor, and not just their academic or professional credentials. After all, you don’t want to take advice from someone who cannot demonstrate a successful crypto trading or investing strategy.

AlphaTradeZone publishes all of its trade outcomes publicly in a neatly designed spreadsheet. Other crypto and Bitcoin traders may boast about their wins but fail to share their losses publicly.

Be wary of emotionally driven YouTube and Twitter influencers. They may not publicly share their results. Please think twice before enrolling in an educational course on crypto trading from such individuals.

Keep in mind that crypto and Bitcoin trading education is not heavily regulated. As long as the instructor is not providing direct financial advice, they can say all sorts of things to get you to buy or believe in their strategy. Always check the reviews of an instructor to ensure their course is legitimate.

Types of Crypto Trading Instruction and Course and Delivery

Most of the courses and training on crypto trading will be completely online-based. You may be provided some printable documents or have materials sent in the mail, especially if the instruction comes with a textbook or instruction manual. However, such delivery for crypto content is abnormal today.

Other instructors provide in-person training for crypto trading. Having a crypto trading course in person has some advantages, such as verifying the instructor’s identity and feeling out whether you’re a good fit. 

If it’s a group session, you can network and meet others interested in crypto trading. That can be a bonus for an industry that often feels isolating and over-dedicated to screen time.

A good crypto trading instruction will include methods of testing your acumens, such as quizzes. They may offer access to software that allows you to test your skills before putting too much skin in the game.

TradingView’s built-in “paper trading” application allows you to test your crypto trading before using any real money and is an excellent accompaniment to any crypto trading course.

Whether you are learning how to trade crypto online or in person, the kinds of materials provided to you in the course should play a part in judging whether the course’s value justifies the price.

For example – will there be video courses included? Will the instructor provide current and regular technical analysis content, and are there regular live feeds? Is it possible to contact the instructor outside of class?

A good rule of thumb is that if you see crypto trading as more of a hobby, you should consider online courses. If you intend to become a full-time professional trader, go for individual training. Suppose the training is in the form of a monthly or yearly membership. 

In that case, those seeking to be experts should go for the membership offering consistent access to an instructor. Ongoing instructor feedback is an enormous value-add and will help you master risk management and pro-crypto trading strategies.

Advanced Bitcoin and Crypto Training and Strategies

If you are a total beginner, consider choosing a course that starts from the top with crypto definitions and focuses on Bitcoin. Once you understand more about cryptocurrencies, you can move on to trading them.

People already familiar with cryptocurrencies and trading, you may consider a more advanced or niche Bitcoin or crypto training program.

First, you’ll need to know which sector or subject you want to focus on. For example, do you want to learn specific crypto trading strategies and technical analysis, such as using the Ichimoku or Fibonacci retracement tools? Perhaps you’re more interested in understanding order book flow and on-balance volume analysis.

Traders dabbling into complex trading and investing methods may also want to ask whether they are interested in crypto for business opportunities or more interested in the technology.

Depending on the training, you may finish with a certification to add to your resume or LinkedIn profile. If your goal is to increase your employability, such would be the ideal path.

Either way, the content of these training programs for crypto trading should be a major factor in your decision, especially if you are planning to pay money for the service. Understanding your desired outcomes will guide you toward the correct advanced training materials.

Free and Paid Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Training Programs — Pros and Cons

Crypto traders can find near-infinite information about crypto and Bitcoin trading online, much of which is completely free!

However, it takes a discerning eye to spot high-quality training. Not all free crypto trading training is bad, and not all paid crypto trading training is good.

Some of the most popular free crypto and Bitcoin trading training resources online include Investopedia and Coinbase’s Alexandria.

Binance Academy also provides professional, free resources on crypto trading.

Consider some of the top courses on Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning for paid crypto and bitcoin trading courses.

Best for Beginners: Udemy’s Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course

Udemy’s Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course gets you up to speed with all the crypto trading fundamentals. The course is affordable, self-paced, and mobile-friendly, making it one of the best options out there for busy crypto traders.

The Udemy course is led by Mohsen Hassan, a programmer, trader, and financial risk manager. He has trained more than 140,000 Udemy students on several subjects. The course includes 12 hours of video instruction, an article, and downloadable resources accessible through Udemy’s website and mobile app.

You won’t get any assessment materials or quizzes with this course, and it doesn’t provide certification. But you will walk away with a strong foundation of knowledge about the crypto industry and crypto trading.

As of this article’s publication, the course is on a steep sale!

Some other famous paid education sources in the industry include AlphaTradeZone (that’s us!)

The AlphaTradeZone All-in-One Crypto Trading and Investment Course

The AlphaTradeZone all-in-one crypto trading and investment course will teach you how to think differently and counter the crowd!

You’ll develop market confidence and learn how to make money in trading without emotional self-sabotage.

The AlphaTradeZone team has spent the past several years perfecting the best trading strategies in the crypto markets. Their course includes four chapters containing 37 video and audio-based lessons taking you from a basic understanding of crypto into deep technical analysis knowledge.

Also, when you purchase the crypto trading course, you’ll earn a 50% discount on your first month of ATZ Premium membership.

The course is currently running at a discount for lifetime access!

Course alumni have built a solid base of understanding how crypto and markets work. If you’re ready to wire your brain for trading success, check out the course today.

Concluding Remarks

Finding the right Bitcoin and crypto trading courses and training can be difficult if you don’t know how to look. Hopefully, our guide has helped you on your search for the best crypto training.

A good cryptocurrency course must deliver enough value to you to warrant the cost. You’ll need more than a certification to make it in the crypto trading industry. If you feel a course is providing enough information for you to start trading safely and successfully right away, then you’ve found a winner.

Join a community of experienced traders and learn about Bitcoin and crypto trading!

AlphaTradeZone’s community hubs are full of people of all experience levels in crypto trading and investing.

Our CEO and head analyst is responsive and helpful to newcomers, so feel free to reach out directly:

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