How to Grow and Convert Crypto Traffic

How to Grow and Convert Crypto Traffic
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Everyone marketing a product or service in crypto needs the same thing — web traffic. 

Aspiring crypto projects, crypto signals groups, and teams pivoting to blockchain all have that need in common.

We all know how difficult it can be to grow an audience online. Many readers may have gotten that far but now struggle with diminishing returns.

Crypto businesses need to grow and convert web traffic and sustain the regular churn of customers and economic cycles. In the world of crypto, bull-bear cycles of the market affect the revenue from certain products and services heavily. 

Seasonality may have a negative effect if your business is not well-balanced to weather the low periods. Luckily, Today you’ve found the definitive guide to growing and converting crypto traffic no matter the market cycle.

What is crypto traffic?

Website traffic refers collectively to people who visit a website, measured in sessions and is a mandatory metric for online businesses to understand their effectiveness in building an audience.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) today is a crowded industry with hundreds of professionals and agencies. Converting traffic for crypto and blockchain products and services requires an extra touch of expertise due to the various tricky rules and regulations. 

Why Your Crypto Traffic is Important

Whether you have 1000 visitors per month or 100,000, those eyeballs mean nothing if you are not converting your traffic. 

You need your visitors to perform specific actions which bring profit to your company. It’s always that simple. Common troubles include having a large number of visitors but low or diminishing conversion rates. 

It may be a sign that one of several objectives or tactics in your marketing strategy needs a change:

  • Optimize your SEO: Shift resources from keywords that generate traffic but not conversions into keywords that generate enough traffic and increase and stabilize conversion rates.
  • Tweak your web copy: Ensure your wording is impeccable, removing customer objections while still cutting to the point of your offer.
  • Use video content: Relevant video content can double conversions and increase organic traffic from search engines by 157%.

How to Dramatically Boost Your Crypto Traffic Growth and Conversion Rates

Choose Your Targeted Audience

Honing in on the correct audience is crucial for saving you time and money. Suppose you throw resources at a marketing campaign that does not cater to crypto audiences. In that case, you may end up promoting your product in front of too broad a demographic. 

Having the right target audience allows you to create pointed ad formats with messaging that engages visitors while prepping them to take the action that converts.

Develop a Stellar Landing Page

Once you have your target audience, you can correlate your ad formats to your landing page. 

A high-converting landing page should have a clear and compelling Call To Action (CTA) and a strong value proposition. Incorporate testimonials into your content to build trust right out the gate.

You’ll want to optimize your landing page for mobile users, as 79% of smartphone users completed an online purchase using a mobile device in the past six months.

Be sure the landing page content length is concise, but you’ll need to address more objections if your product or service is complex. Long-form converts best most of the time, but that may not be true for your business.

The user is less likely to read through lengthy content on mobile devices, so it’s often best to have separate landing pages for mobile and desktop. Hubspot discovered that by optimizing landing pages for mobile, they could lower mobile bounce rates by 27%.

Check out these professional templates for cryptocurrency landing pages and get inspired!

Corner an Explosive SEO Trend — Crypto Brokers Vs. Cryptocurrency Exchanges

One trend that is popping off globally but often unrecognized is the explosive growth in crypto brokerages. 

Most people are familiar with Coinbase, but there are several spot and derivatives exchanges. Coinmarketcap keeps a list of spot and derivatives exchanges, and The Block provides web traffic data for dozens of exchanges.

Cryptocurrency brokerages like Bitpanda are among some of the most trusted and well-known in the industry. 

Cryptocurrency brokers provide buying and selling services for customers at prices established by the broker. Users then pay a premium for the broker’s services.

New users to crypto will find crypto brokers as simple, easier to understand than exchanges, and potentially more secure than other options.

Cryptocurrency brokers are common on-ramps for buying crypto with fiat currencies, making them suitable even for experienced crypto users.

Educating your audience on the difference between exchanges and brokers and how to use both safely will be good for your SEO. It will help your audience decide the best path to take and potentially save them from making big mistakes.

Education — Become What Your Customers Are Interested In

A report by Conductor found educational content makes customers 131% more likely to buy from your brand right after consuming top-of-funnel educational content.

Providing educational crypto content such as training courses, videos, guides, or research reports will do so much good for your crypto business. Such content improves brand trust and makes a profound shift in your brand image — from interrupting your customers’ interests toward becoming your customers’ interests.


It’s no doubt that demand for video content is skyrocketing, with 54% of people asking the brands they support to increase their video output.

The crypto ecosystem leans on Youtube content like podcasts, live and recorded technical analysis and newsfeeds, and strong visual elements ranging from NFTs to “chart art.” 

You’ll have more than enough ideas for video content, and the hard part will be choosing which objective to prioritize.

How to Grow and Convert Crypto Traffic

You’d have to be a laggard not already to be creating crypto video content.


Creating ultimate guides is a niche within crypto all on its own. Typically long-form and bolstered by multimedia, a guide can drastically increase social shares and build links. Also, you can easily repurpose and reuse guidebooks.

For example, it’s common for marketers to spin guides into infographics or use the guide as a freebie in a future campaign to increase conversions.

Due to their size and impact, consider guides as pillar content that support the rest of your marketing funnel and educational material

Make Your Crypto Project Thrive With Push Notifications and CRM

To teach your audience efficiently while keeping track of your business’s customer relationships, you’ll need the following two essential systems in place.

Use a Winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

If you want to scale, at some point, you’ll likely need a CRM system. In 2021, you can manage all your customer and partner relationships from a single hub, using various tools via integrations or separately.

While you may not have a use for enterprise-level CRM such as Salesforce, you’re likely already using CRM systems without realizing it. The most common example is a system of spreadsheets to manage customer relations. 

Relying only on spreadsheets may lead you to miss out on loads of useful data about their customers. Using professional CRM leads to better targeting, retention, and automation strategies. 

Low-budget companies often favor a mixed bag of tools developed into a unique system, which works fine when you’re a small team. 

For example, suppose your business lives on Telegram. In that case, you may use a service like Combot to track user data, moderate conversations, and automate parts of your marketing strategy, including push notifications, which I describe below.

Make the Most of Push Notifications

Web Push Notification (WPN) traffic isn’t a new concept, but using WPN in marketing strategies has recently exploded in its effectiveness. 

The success of WPN is thanks to the spread of mobile devices and instant messaging services like Telegram and other ubiquitous mobile apps. 

Push notifications are a strong complement to verticals like crypto signals and trading groups. 

It’s also an ideal communication tool for community hubs for blockchain projects and networking companies that host regular events such as AMAs and podcasts.

Not only is WPN affordable, but the size of traffic can be impressive. 

Like email, WPN gets you in front of your customers where they live, which is typically a mobile device. It can also be automated, paywalled, and used in tandem with native advertising. 

Push notification marketing also benefits from its relative anonymity, the ability for users to easily opt-out, timely delivery in your audience’s native setting, and WPN’s time sensitivity. 

Users often perceive those notifications as urgent, creating a temptation to check before missing out.

The chart below shows engagement levels from push notifications by content and campaign type. If your company relies on regular communication beyond only marketing targeted at increasing conversions, then WPN is a no-brainer.

How to Grow and Convert Crypto Traffic

Here is a catalog of some push notification services on the market. However, you’ll also find that many common apps like Telegram and Discord have a basic push notification system built-in. Services like PushEngage and OneSignal also offer WPN services.

The Best Platform For Push Notification Business Tactics

While Discord and, to a lesser extent, virtual worlds have gained momentum for housing crypto communities, Telegram stands out for the dramatic increase in activity and new users. 

Not everyone has the resources or audience to build a successful in-house community hub. For people looking to set up shop quickly and on a shoestring, instant messaging apps like Telegram provide the brand recognition and utility to build or migrate your audience smoothly.

Crypto entrepreneurs and creators worldwide are already using Telegram to host profitable mastermind groups, podcasts, paid newsletters, and online courses. 

The anonymity of Telegram combined with a multi-year pandemic shifting the globe toward online communities explains the app’s 500 million-plus active monthly users. Many of those eyeballs are specifically on Telegram to follow their favorite crypto brands and influencers.

Services like InviteMember allow you to set up robust bots for managing and automating a Telegram-based membership business. CRM tools, push notifications, and automation all wrapped into one!

Go Where the Action is — New Crypto Offerings and AMAs

Keep track of new developments in the crypto space that attracts the most eyeballs and money. 

Popular cash-magnets include Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Initial Dex Offerings (IDO), Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs).

You’ll also find low-hanging fruit in private sales, new exchange listings, airdrops, and NFT drops, staking rewards programs, and project forks. Also, don’t miss out on Ask-Me-Anything interviews (AMAs).

Companies like Coindar, CoinMarketCal, CoinMarketCal, CryptoRank, and ICO Drops provide detailed calendars of the formerly mentioned attention-getters.

CryptoDiffer and DefiSlate provide event calendars and regular AMAs for their sizable online communities. Communities like these are an excellent place to network and try cross-promotions and paid promotions.

Test Native Ads (and Don’t Sleep on Social Media)

Native advertising is what we call paid (or sponsored) content created by a content producer for their client to publish and promote. Masterful native ads should be nearly invisible as “ads” and appear more like fun or educational pieces of content. 

Professional native adverts often come in video, article, newsletter, and infographic form. You’ve likely read an email or watched a commercial without it occurring to you until near the end that it was, in fact, an ad.

You can imagine that native advertising requires stealth and creativity and a great deal of trust from your audience. And it works — people look at native ads 53% more often than display ads. 

Honesty is always the best practice. Aim to provide real value to your audience, even if that value comes riding on an advert.

Many players exist in the native advertising space, ranging from small-time influencers to agencies specializing in developing proprietary ads that fit your company’s narrative. 

Depending on your business needs, you may do better choosing only one large agency or a combination of influencers and freelance specialists. 

Social Media Ads

Social media marketing and advertising your crypto offering on Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Quora, can be extremely lucrative. We cannot overstate the potential for video content on Twitter and CRM on Telegram.

Facebook’s policy towards blockchain and crypto continues to be unstable. Still, Facebook has arguably the largest and most effective ads network in social media.

How to Get More Daily Traffic Volume

The best method of increasing your traffic volume is to raise your cost per thousand impressions (CPM) rate

The CPM matters if you’re using a service like Google Display Network. Each ad service will use slightly different terminology for its pricing structure. 

The next greatest thing you can do for your traffic volume is to expand into geotargeting. Knowing the locale of your crypto communities and financial world natives will turn your targeting efforts up turbo. 

Research also shows that, in general, people require multiple interactions with a brand in a diversity of ad and content formats before converting. 

For that reason, it’s wise to use a variety of creative content formats to engage with and convince your audience at every step of the funnel.

A-B Test, Shave Off the Losers

Every marketer knows a campaign is lackluster without initial and ongoing A-B testing. Also known as “split testing,” this is the process of presenting variables of the same segments of a web page or creative asset (ads, social media posts, articles, etc.)

A-B testing is a vital tool for optimizing your marketing funnel and applies no differently to crypto than any other business. It allows you to collect important data to compare which parts of your strategy grow and convert traffic the most efficiently.

Be sure to A-B test your headlines! You only have eight seconds to make an impression, so make sure the top element of your landing page is fine-tuned for conversion.

In practice, A-B testing reveals what assets have the lowest click-through rates (CTR), allowing you to reiterate or try new formats to engage and convert your audience. Small differences in imagery and copywriting can make a surprising change to your CTR.

Get Help from a Pro

If you’re new to marketing or too busy to go through all these processes yourself, it often pays to hire someone to handle traffic growth and conversion for you.

Companies like Cointraffic and Crypto-Traffic Network offer services that drive highly targeted crypto traffic to your website through various ad and marketing formats.

Another option is hiring a freelance specialist to identify a target audience, increase crypto traffic, and convert visitors. Browsing through Fiverr will reveal countless choices to help you drive crypto traffic.

Start an Affiliate or Referral Program

An alternative option is to start an affiliate or referral program, which may come in all shapes and sizes, each with unique perks for affiliates. When used in conjunction with other marketing efforts, affiliate programs can provide a boost in crypto traffic. 

Also, affiliate and referral programs have more lasting power than influencer paid promotions, cross-promotions, or social media giveaways. 

You turn your audience into ambassadors by rewarding them for spreading the word, and you get your brand out into the world. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Concluding Thoughts on Growing and Converting Crypto Traffic

We have covered several tactics for growing and converting crypto traffic for your business. I hope you have found it helpful.

For more info on cryptocurrencies, how to perform technical analysis, and monitoring crypto signals, join us on social!

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