Privacy Policy​

AlphaTradeZone® as a website entity provides access to trading tools, cryptocurrency signals that we issue based on technical and fundamental analysis. We have a team of traders monitoring the markets. We use information in order to frame our crypto trading signals. But we are not using your privacy information to do it! Therefore, we decided to write up the following Privacy Policy.Since we are a commercial organization, this means that we operate for profit. In order to properly execute our agreements with our customers, we must store and operate with some of their personal data! The sole purpose of collecting personal data is to be able to fulfil our agreements and do our jobs properly. The data that we are collecting is secured on cloud storage behind multiple security measures and firewalls. We will NEVER share your personal data stored with a third-party entity.The personal data stored by us includes, but not limited to social media usernames, and transaction ids (TXID) of cryptocurrency payments transferred to us to justify your subscription to our services. We are storing it to the best of our abilities to protect sensitive customer data.The customer sensitive data we are storing only for the period of subscription of the user. Should a user decide to cancel the paying subscription to our services, he has the right to request us to erase his Personal data from our servers. AlphaTradeZone team will comply with such requests in a time span of 7 days after receiving the request.In addition to customer data, our machines may accumulate and shop personality information about our customers and supporters. This includes utilizing “cookies” to trace process, IP addresses, and also other associated client behavior data, like web page launching instances and how much time allocated to a given web page. Everything that info is only to be used by our high quality handle and website design personnel simply for the purpose of enhancing the customer experience of folks going to our internet site as well as for little else. That data is also to never be out of stock to your 3rd celebrations.When a customer utilizes our site the above facts are collected, saved, and quite often refined within our services’ common procedure. Your data are only useful for the above mentioned-mentioned good reasons. AlphaTradeZone® will never discuss, promote, rent, or else deliver your individual information and facts, including brands and email addresses, to the other thirdly functions under any conditions, other than where required by law.
  • Further to all these motives, there are many other cases why we may be holding client info to become in a position to provide:
  •  Greater customer service of our readers
  •  Identify essential areas of improving our professional services
  •  Have the capacity to rectify any problems in relation to our service  and simply inform our paying out customers about that.
  • Have the capacity to provide consumer information where this really is essental to authorities and rules
We might make contact with you every once in awhile regarding using your money with us. This could be to troubleshoot regular membership mistakes, take care of disputes, solve charging concerns, offer advertising provides, ask for views on services and products presented, or some other associated factors. In general these kinds of demands and connections are executed via our established social media credit accounts on Telegram and Discord plus much more seldom via other ways of communication.As noted previously mentioned, AlphaTradeZone® is devoted to making certain consumer personal privacy through both our guidelines and measures. In case an end user realizes that some or its entire provided personal data is taken care of inside an inappropriate way and wish to request a description we delightful any demands sent to our organization email address [email protected] – this electronic mail is accessed only by our staff.AlphaTradeZone® realizes that it privacy policy along with the aforementioned Terms of Service are total and never need additional amendments with the existing phase of growth of our enterprise. Even so, in time our solutions may alter which will deliver further amendments in to our policies and regards to use. We might not at all times be capable of inform our buyers associated with a going through modifications on the previously mentioned, and can placed our endeavours to achieve this in the future depending on how our professional services are changing.Consumption of AlphaTradeZone® providers, which include this Website along with its Telegram route or discord host signs, is contingent on taking these guidelines as well as our Terms to Services as connected here on our Internet site. Thanks!