Terms of Service​

This Website

Our organization follows all the best practices to ensure our website is available to everyone at any time of the day. We, however, retain no liability for what may arise if and when the Website is unavailable to a user. Hence we make no guarantee or warranty regarding its availability. Likewise, AlphaTradeZone cannot guarantee that the Website will always be free of destructive or defective elements. These include, but are not limited to, viruses, malware, and other injurious digital agents. We surely are doing our best to prevent such cases to since we monitor our content continuously.

As being one of the core aspects of our website to make it available to as many users as possible, we cannot guarantee it’s availability on certain user browsers and/or devices. The visitors must make sure they use a compatible version of the website that ensures complete compatibility with their operational system, browser or resolution on the monitor of the device they use. We are working nonstop to increase the compatibility as much as we can.

Occasionally content on the Website will link to content from other sites. We can’t be held liable of any links or content that users find on third party websites or organizations that they have visited from one of the external links pasted on our website.

Data and guidance on AlphaTradeZone.com Website

Users and visitors should note that website and data presented on it are not governed by SEC FCA or other governmental institutions. The content presented here is to be used AS IS by our ToS found on the website and not taken as financial advise or to be used solely as reasoning to base financial decisions on it. Users must be aware of the above.

This Website is an apparatus for both information and the application thereof. It is meant to be of general use as a resource, information and education purposes, not as an advisory agent towards one’s financial decisions. Doing so, information provided on the Website will be mostly of general and informational nature and shouldn’t be taken as financial advise. We strongly recommend our users and followers to hire a financial advisor if they would require qualified professional help on managing their financial resourses especially outside of the cryptocurrency universe.

For this sole reason, users should not use any of the information provided by this Website as the sole factor when making decisions regarding the buying, selling or trading of financial instruments.

The information on the website should be considered all-inclusive and complete. We gave no obligation to provide anyone with more detailed information than what we have already provided on the website on all of the articles we are taking under our attention nor on the signals we provide on the cryptocurrency markets. In time as old information is outdated and new content is added to the website we may be updating the old articles and content but under no circumstances we are obliged to do so! We will do it solely at our discretion in time when we are available to do so. In addition, AlphaTradeZone® is under no obligation to update any specific content, as all such update decisions are made at the discretion of our members.

This Website is meant for an audience of general purpose users, not financial professionals. Once again we want to state that information here is by no means to be use as retail investors solely reason to make financial decisions and by such we can’t be held reliable of any losses occurring on our follower’s accounts by solely following our analysis.

Online Contracting via AlphaTradeZone®

From time to time content on the Website may refer users to third party consultants and other professionals services, such as autotrading or charting availability. Should a user find the need to contract with such a third party featured on this Website then it is up to the user to ensure that such contracts are fair, clear, and legally unambiguous.  It’s up to user’s discretion to find and request for any legal advice related to those third party services if he finds anything unclear. Those services are all inclusive and in good manner should be presented in a very transparent way.

Refunds and Returns

Subscriptions include access to all of this Website’s content, including reports, tools, advice, documentation, and other elements. These components, when taken together as part of a subscription, amount to a “digital good”, and as such are exempt from refunds under EU legislation.

In the interest of good faith and customer service, though, a user may still make a refund request, and such refunds will be made up to 24 hours from the time the subscription or other digital goods were purchased.

A refund request is to be made at [email protected] should you decide to do so, make sure you are contacting us no late than 24 hours of making the subscription payment to us.

Prohibited uses of this AlphaTradeZone® Website

This Website may not be used for any unlawful or otherwise prohibited action, nor may it be used in violation of these ToS. In addition, certain activities are expressly prohibited herein. These include, but are not limited to, using the website in a way that is defamatory, obscene, indecent, offensive, pornographic, or otherwise scandalous. In addition, users may not use products or elements of this website in any matter that could be deemed as threatening, discriminatory, menacing, abusive, seditious, or that may be reasonably liable to promote hatred based on a target’s race, gender, religion, sexuality, or other minority status. Furthermore, it may not be used to put oneself or any other person in breach of contract, of confidence, or of privacy of another. This Website and its elements may also not be used in any way that infringes on the copyrights or IP of others, or AlphaTradeZone® itself as a brand. Finally, it’s strictly prohibited to use this website as a platform of any other harmful digital agents such as malware, Trojans, any sort of viruses or other harmful software!

If we suspect that any user or visitor is violating our Terms Of Service we have all rights and will cooperate to legal authorities in finding and prosecuting of those people so that we ensure the proper usage of the services and information we provide to the society.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The Company requires some data of its users in order for the Website to function properly. For this purpose, customer data is sent, received, and store securely for the use of the Company for the express reason mentioned above. The Company will never share, sell, or transmit its customer data to any third party without the user’s prior consent.

In order to further protect the privacy of customer’s data we are not providing any customer data to any of our subcontractors and data handling manners are being held according to the most advanced data protection policies.

In line with Article 33.2 of GDPR 2016/6790, the Company will, to the best of its ability within reason, communicate to any customers, as soon as possible, any violation of the GDPR, including, but not limited to, unauthorized exposure of their personally identifiable data, financial information, and fiscal details that it may discover. Should such an occurrence arise, AlphaTradezone® as an organization shall report such violations to the dedicated supervisory authority as well.

And lastly, in accordance with the GDPR, any customer who wishes to fully delete or study their own data can exercise that right by sending an email to [email protected] . In the event of a user cancelling his subscription the data he provided will be kept in our records for no longer than 2 years after the cancellation occurs. Of course any user has the right to opt out for deletion of this data upon his consent. We will comply and remove all data entries from our records immediately upon request.